About Trinity Church

An Anglican Community

Trinity Church is a parish of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh, of the Anglican Church of North America. Being Anglican means that we have historical and traditional ties with the Church of England in doctrine and worship.

What Anglican also means...

It means that we are

  • Biblical: We believe that the books of the Old and New Testament are the inspired word of God, the source of all that we need to know for our lives and our salvation. At Trinity you will hear Scripture-centered messages designed to be relevant to your life today, sermons that apply the words of Jesus Christ to our families, our community, and our world.
  • Trinitarian: We believe in the God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit--referred to as the Trinity.
  • Creedal: We agree with and use the Apostle and Nicene Creeds.
  • Sacramental: We believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion and that God graces us in a special way through Baptism. Each week we share Holy Communion to remember and be renewed by the central event of all history—Jesus’ infamous death and glorious resurrection.
  • "People of the Book": The Book of Common Prayer is "the Bible arranged for worship". The Bible is God’s revelation to us, while the Book of Common Prayer provides structure and form to our prayers and worship services.Learn more about it here.

For worship, you can easily follow and participate by using that day's service bulletin. Here's more of what you can expect when visiting Trinity.